Nicely heavy, dancey, two piece rock from Essex.

The last 4 years have seen Ghosts Of Men play over 150 festival dates and countless UK venues, sign a record deal, release an EP and an Album and then another EP, all in their third pressings, getting airtime on the BBC and Planet Rock, as well as creating 3 cutting edge music videos, and organising their own successful European tour.

Constantly building their fanbase, Adam and Clegg set out to tear into every show they play, and take their beloved audience with them.

Sometimes described as a pair of idiots with the combined mental age of 7, sometimes hailed as geniuses of the genre, it’s fair to say these two leave a lasting impression wherever they go.

“Like a two piece Queens of the Stone Age if Queens of the Stone Age were entirely composed of Morcambe and Wise” – Stuart Turner – BBC Radio


Sounds like: Your favourite band, but a bit better.

Top 3 biggest crowds:

Strawberry Fair – 3000+

Bostiiin Days at Robin 2 – 700

Bearded Theory (Something Else Big Top) – 500+

Big Black Dog EP, Breathe Album, I Don’t Feel right EP, all on their third pressings and still selling.

Bookings – Ads / Clegg


Vanessa Higgins, Director, Regent Street Records


“Firstly, I’d like to say that Ghost Of Men are amazing. People always said that my old band Carter USM made a big noise for two people, we cheated though, we had backing tapes. Clegg and Adam take it to a whole new level. Awesomeness drips from every note.”  – Les Carter

“Ghosts of Men’s record is a mix of gloriously filthy blues and Desert rock. Their live show is an explosion of anarchy with a devilish wink. These chaps are playing some kind of impish prank on the world. But don’t worry, they want you to be in on it too. This is my favourite festival band for good reason.” – Stuart Blakeledge 103.9 VoiceFm

“I love having Ghosts Of Men’ on the show. Powerhouse performers with such a feel for the brilliant music they play and a growing army of fans.” – Tony Fisher, Head of Music, BBC Essex.

“It shouldn’t be physically possible for a duo with a combined mental age of 7 to make this much noise and still be catchy,  melodic and funny while maintaining an ever so slightly mental edge. I loves em!” – Gail Something-Else – Festival Organiser/Venue Owner.


Wait a minute!!!! WON’T YOU HANG FIRE?!?!?!?!

A shout to the dissatisfied and disillusioned, to the gently stunned masses, to the thousand yard starers, to the all-day dreamers.

Hold tight And scream, “I DON’T FEEL RIGHT”

360 music video. Take a walk through the world of ‘Little Death’… best viewed on a mobile device, spinning round on an office chair or grab the closest VR headset and fully immerse yourself… ’nuff said.

Taking their inspiration from the quite frankly bonkers painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by 16th Century painter Hieronymus Bosch, The Cleveland Agency decided to experiment with Samsung’s budget Gear 360 camera to see what could be achieved.

The camera has two back to back fish eye lenses that when stitched together produce a 4K flat (rectilinear for those who like big words) video file. With the injection of some metadata this is then played back as a 360 video by services such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. Whilst smearing a 4K file over the inside of a sphere doesn’t quite reach HD resolutions, the final product is pretty damn good for a camera ten times cheaper than the next level 360 video cameras.

I can’t be waiting here for you.



Photo credits: Lisa Lyddon



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