Lets ‘ave ya Feral Fest!

Feral Fest | Ghosts of Men

So it starts on the Friday with my Facebook feed telling me about it. The sun is shining, the music is ace and shenanigans a plenty are to be had. Unfortunately I can’t get to Feral Fest till Sunday, so Adam is sent ahead to scout around and see whats what.

By the time Saturdays photos and messages have been perused, I am chomping at the bit to GO GO GO. So, I attempt to pack the van, and head off down the A120 (again) to the Chalk Horse in Westbury. When we get there, I of course miss the turning and end up right under this great big huge enormous chalk horse, it did exactly what it said on the tin. I was and is, a big (flippin’) chalk horse.

Anyway……after getting on the blower to Ads, I was put right and headed towards Feral Fest  At this point I was like an excited Labrador. So I get in, I get accredited, I get a pint, I say hello, and how’s it goin’? to some people, and wait…… Then the rain appears, not big rain, so you can pretend you are dancing to the weather gods. It was that small rain that your parents make you go walking in after Christmas dinner when you are small. It didn’t dampen anyones spirits, many people had their beer jackets on, which stopped the rain getting in.

Then there was a desperate search to find Adam who had snuck away like a really bad ninja.

We found him…


And then it was showtime!!

We were ushered into the marquee by the stage manager (Zoe), who had everything under control, which is always a blessing, then we headed on to the stage to set up, having to explain that although we have enough stuff for three people, there are only two of us, that’s until all our pals get up on stage.

So, after a quick hello, and how d’ya do we start with CRAWL, not played it for a while, but it seemed like a great idea, and as I struck the first nervous chord (schwaaaaaang) Ads fires his snare into action, and we are off. LETS ‘AVE YA!!!

Loads of the usual faces were there to give us support, and, people that we didn’t know at all, and they were bopping along and shouting, it was ace. Then we asked a few of our pals if they wanted to come on stage to help us sing Eye for an Eye, which was nice. Cheers David, Mark, Tony, Scrutter, Les and Maty, oh and cheers to Doozer McDooze for stopping the bass drum skidding off into the audience.

We did a bit of Awkward Silence…

from our difficult 3rd album from the late 70’s, unfortunately it was nearly ruined by an ill timed phone call from some sort of debt collectors, but Ads held it together and didn’t let it spoil the music. We slammed out the last songs as best we could, and by the time we got to the end of the last song, everyone was in a frenzy. Job done.

We spent the rest of the evening laughing with friends, having muso chats with our peers, and dancing to Tarantism and listening to Firepit Collective. Afterwards there was an almighty jam in the bar, so I bust out a cahon and tried to keep up. At the time, I was like a Roland TR-909, a veritable Jean Michelle Jarre if you will of the percussion world, looking back on it, I was probably holding on for dear life. I did however, turn a fair few traditional folk songs into hard house classics, which I am positive everyone enjoyed.

Went to bed.
Got up.
Loos got taken away.
Packed the van, said bye bye and got to KFC stat.
What a great night out, and by all accounts, a great little festival.
Now, whats next?